Merpig 01
Merpigs are pig-like creatures of the sea.  They are in many ways like their land-dwelling cousins.  They eat kelp and seaweed.  They are mostly pink.  Fat.  Juicy.  BACON.

A merpig makes an excellent and rare undersea delicacy.

A merpig makes amazing merbacon.


Merpigs appear as half-pig, half-fish.  They are often times pink, and rarely white or black.  Sometimes they have spots, just like land-dwelling pigs.  However, some merpigs are more magical than others and can be multiple colors for this reason.  Their tails come in many different colors, but the most common among colors is black or gray.


Merpigs mainly enjoy hanging near the surface, not really bothering to dive into the deeper areas of the sea.  In fact, it would be difficult for a merpig to remain in deep-sea for long, because their plump, bouyant figures often bring them floating back up to the surface.  They hang around the shore, where they can munch on delicious seaweed and kelp. 


Merpig 02

The poor brown merpig didn't make it...

Merpigs have an extremely unique taste to their meat.  Although they retain a porky, bacon-like fattiness, they also have a salty tang to them that reminds you of seafood, namely fish.  They are renowned for their tastiness, and for this reason are frequently sought after as food.